Woolpress and Rag press sales and service to meet your every need

We know woolpresses and much more

At Woolpress Australia we know everything there is to know about wool baling and rag textile presses. Whether you are looking to buy, sell, service, or hire we’ve got what you need. Plus we stock a diverse range of spare parts and accessories for many aspects of farming.

Woolpress Australia Wool and Rag Presses
Woolpress Australia Wool and Rag Presses

View our range

We’ve got an extensive and ever expanding range here at Woolpress Australia.

Currently we stock new wool and rag presses from Macbro, Heiniger TPW, and Titan as well as a constant flow of popular used presses from brands like Stevlyon, Lyco, TPW & Lister.

We also offer a range of accessories and parts including: Bale trolleys, bale hooks, and parts for most popular models.

Sell your press

If you’ve got an old press that you don’t need or you’re looking to upgrade, whether its working or not we’d like to buy it or trade it in on a newer model.

Service your press

We work with our founding company ‘Henrys Hydraulics’ to offer the very best service and refurbishment for any make or model of woolpress.
We can tailor a service or refurbishment to suit your budget and get your press working and looking like new again.

Hire a press

Running a small operation and don’t have your own press, but don’t want to buy?
In the middle of shearing and your press has broken down?
Woolpress Australia offers hire presses or hire motors for all your wool pressing needs.