We bring old presses back to life!

At Woolpress Australia we have over 30 years of experience in the industry. Our team of woolpress specialists offer only the most comprehensive service to all makes and models.

We can tailor a service or full refurbishment to suit any budget, contact us bellow to get the ball rolling on your press.

Woolpress Australia can help!

We’ve got woolpresses to hire, motors to get you going, and trailers to get them from our shop to your shed. We’ll have you shearing in no time!

Whether you need a quick fix during shearing or an off season tune up – Woolpress Australia can help you!

Provide us with some information about yourself and your woolpress so that one of our woolpress specialists can get back to you and organise to have your woolpress ready for shearing!

In a bit of a pickle?

If you’re broken down in the middle of shearing and you need to get going quick, we offer 24/7 on site assistance as well as woolpresses for hire to get you out of a sticky situation and back onto your next bale.